First Time at Atlanta's Scott Antique Market January 14 2014

This past weekend, I went to the Scott Antique Market in Atlanta for the first time as a vendor. Having been a shopper there for many years, it was fascinating to experience it from the other side. I met so many interesting people, both shoppers and vendors. There are a few newbies like me and so many veterans that have been selling at Scott for years. All were so kind and helpful, with great advice and helpful tips. There really is a sense of community among the long timers and they all were genuinely welcoming. I hope to be back in the months ahead if my schedule and my kids (and my husband and source of free furniture moving labor) will allow it! I have to say my most exciting sale was to a gentleman and his wife of an early 20th century pond boat. I had purchased it at an auction thinking that someone would use it in their beach house as a conversation piece. It really had so much character. Well, this gentleman had purchased and restored some of these boats in the past and is going to work on this one. So I gave him my card and my email and he promised a photo of the finished project. I'm so excited to see what it looks like and I'll post it in my blog as soon as I get pics. It always makes me happy to know that the pieces that speak to me are going to good homes where they will be loved!